ProJECT Forward

St. Paul is alive in God’s Spirit! We are an enthusiastic community that welcomes all to Christ. We SHARE our faith and resources; we CARE for others through our prayers, outreach programs, and worship; we GIVE with our time, offerings, and talents; we are GROWING. Because our active membership is growing along with our desire to serve our community, we are proposing to move forward in new and meaningful ways. Teams have been actively engaging the congregation in many different ways to determine the needs of our present and future ministries. We see opportunities for continued growth in our ministry moving forward, through further expansion of our staff as well as updates and improvements to our facilities.  

Commitment Sunday is April 5, 2020. Please prayerfully consider how God is leading you to respond to this campaign. All members are asked to bring their campaign respone to the worship services on April 5. If you prefer, you may mail your campaign response to the church office.

St. Paul ProJECT Forward brochure