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The Foam Is Spraying and the Dust is Flying

Posted by Pr. Zak Wagner on

This past week has been a particularly messy week of construction. Spray foam insulation will be sprayed this Thursday and Friday to make sure that our building is ready for the extreme heat (like this last week) and cold of the Midwest (note the building will be closed these days to accommodate this work). With this new insulation we’ll be far more energy efficient in how we heat and cool our building. We’re also starting to see walls go up as drywall begins to go up and rooms begin to take their shape. It’s certainly exceptionally dusty and that’s a sign of progress! Everything is coming together nicely and we will be coming together as a congregation on September 12th for a Special Congregational Meeting. Join us on Zoom at 6PM to review construction progress and preview (and potentially approve) a plan to move forward with Phase 2 construction this fall.





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