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Pews, Paint, and Parking!

Posted by Deacon Christine Yucha on

Construction activity has finally reached the sanctuary. New textured vinyl and carpet are down on the floors, and only a last few details remain to be painted. Our refinished pews have also been installed, and they look gorgeous! Reupholstered cushions have not been installed yet, so it will be a "hard sit" until then! We are still waiting for delivery of our new sanctuary chairs, which will be placed in the front part of the sanctuary to allow for more flexibility with our space. Until then we'll use our new "everyday" black chairs that will eventually be placed in the Cafe and Fellowship Center. The organ is still wrapped up to protect from dust and other construction debris, but we are hopeful that the dusty work is almost all behind us at this point. Day Care is all moved into their new rooms downstairs and is waiting to receive approval from final inspections to reopen next week. Outside, bollards have been installed in the front parking lot, which means lights are coming soon! Out back, curbs are poured and the parking lot base is being filled and compacted. Keep on praying that the weather will hold out for a few more weeks! 




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