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Past the temporary stage

Posted by Deacon Christine Yucha on

The Day Care is officially settling into their new rooms in the lower level. Their move this weekend prompted two major things to get underway- new floors in the sanctuary and demolition of the walls in the Cafe and Lounges in the North Wing! Construction crews wasted no time in dismantling the temporary hallway installed months ago to provide a fire-rated exit through the sanctuary for the Day Care. This also means that our beautiful (but temporary!) sanctuary mural is no more. But rejoice! The drywall panels will be rehung somewhere else in the building, so the sense of community and inclusivity represented by that mural will continue to live on at St. Paul (as well as in our hearts, minds, and actions, of course)! With the wall removed, new flooring is rapidly covering the bare concrete floor in the sanctuary, and new tile is being laid in the foyer. Everything looks GREAT! As exciting as it was to worship in the Fellowship Center last week, we are eagerly anticipating worshipping back in the sanctuary this week on these beautiful new floors. Plenty more work remains to be done, but reaching this point is major cause for celebration and thanksgiving!




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