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On the move

Posted by Deacon Christine Yucha on

Drive by the church and you'll see lots of progress from the past week. Our new trash enclosure will keep recycling and garbage dumpsters tucked away from view but still easily accessible for everyday use. Curbs continue to be poured for the front parking lot. Inside, walls in the Day Care and office areas are getting sanded and smoothed over before being primed. Paint is next! The ceiling is also taking shape with a new ceiling grid. And speaking of taking shape.... say hello to one of the new openings between the foyer and sanctuary! Another window will be mirrored on the other side of the doorway, opening up our foyer and making it more welcoming. 

This week Pastor Zak's family also moved to their new rental property in preparation for the demolition of 540 S. Cornell. Please keep them in your prayers as they settle into their new temporary home and get used to having to drive over to church instead of walking through the backyard!


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