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Finishing Touches

Posted by Deacon Christine Yucha on

Last week we celebrated the reopening of our front parking lot, this week we celebrate all the things happening inside the building! Ceiling tiles with functioning lights and smoke detection systems are in place, mudding and painting continues, and we have something that actually looks like a real elevator- though it's not fully functional quite yet. Perhaps the most exciting is to see the new flooring in the lower level, with casework rapidly being installed on top. It's starting to feel real! The sanctuary was "off limits" for a few days so that the floor could be leveled, and the foyer continues to take shape. Outside, repurposed fencing is up alongside the parking lot, trusses for the east entrance are going up, and demolition of the existing sidewalks along the south side of the building are underway. 

Please note that the front parking lot is available for parking at this time, but access to the church building remains restricted. 


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