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25 (and counting!)

Posted by Deacon Christine Yucha on

Can you believe that this is our 25th week of construction?! WOW. The construction crew has been working hard to finalize the Day Care rooms on the lower level so they relocate to their brand new space later this week. If you are available to help, please contact Karen Egan. Their relocation will enable work to begin in the North Wing, and will also kickstart things into high-gear in the sanctuary. Crews are already busy installing electrical and AV components before the new flooring goes in, and the temporary wall will come down too, meaning we will once again have access to the full sanctuary space.  But all that is still days away! In the meantime, concrete continues to be poured for new sidewalks, landscaping and sod have been planted, doors are being hung, fire alarm systems installed, and the back parking lot ground down and leveled. 25 weeks or not, this feels like a pretty major milestone week! Please pray for a smooth move for the Day Care, and for all the construction workers who are working so hard on our behalf. And while you're at it, for the weather to hold out for a few more weeks as well! We hope to get the parking lot done before snowfall.



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