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The Days Go On

Posted by Pr. Zak Wagner on

There is an inherent tension at this moment, not just in the Church, but the world. We are walking through this experience together, while remaining "socially distant". Technology is bringing us closer to people we miss, but it is never going to replace the joy of being fully, physically present with those whom we love. This is certainly true during this Easter season as we celebrate the physical resurrection of Jesus through conference calls, video chats and per-recorded messages. It is through these imperfect means of communication that we seek to remain connected as a congregation. This is where the whole grace thing becomes so important. There is no right or wrong way to approach world events such as these, as long as our actions are done in love and care for others. There's no singular way to maintain fellowship or best way to bring worship into your homes. That being said, there is "The Way", Jesus himself, who unites us in love in spite of all our imperfections.  As we remain distant from each other, I pray that you are being drawn ever-closer to Christ who is present with us during this journey.  May his resurrection message of "Peace" guide you today and in the days ahead.

As we look ahead to an uncertain future, I remain certain that Christ is with us and that all that we do is done out of love for those most vulnerable around us. We will continue to worship and meet virtually for the foreseeable future. We will continue to support each other through letters, phone calls, and video chats. We will continue to be the Church as our church building remains empty. Remember that it is the sign of the empty tomb on that Easter morning that signaled new life had begun. Let our empty building serve as a reminder that St. Paul is finding new life in empty spaces and new places. Be safe. Be Blessed.

-Pr. Zak Wagner


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