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Still Reforming

Posted by Pr. Zak Wagner on

     Get ready for the 501st Anniversary of Martin Luther and the reformers of the church. On the surface it seems like a ho hum celebration compared to the pomp and circumstance of the 500th Anniversary last fall.

     From special liturgies and logos to a meeting between Pope Francis and Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, last year was literally a year-long celebration of everything Lutheran-y. This year it almost feels like the date got buried on the calendar as we prepare to celebrate on October 28th.

     I am going to suggest that this year we have even more reason to celebrate; we’ve added another year of reforming since last time around.

     The key to our identity as Lutherans is not that we were “reformed” a long time ago, but that we are still part of an ongoing “reformation.” Every day serves as a new opportunity to be changed and to be a force for change because of our identity as Christians, Lutheran or otherwise. In a rapidly changing world our identity as followers of Christ remains steady, even as our mission adapts to the needs of the world around us. Over the next year, it will be exciting to see where this ongoing reformation leads St. Paul as we prepare to celebrate year 502.


Pastor Zak




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