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Responding to a Crisis

Posted by Pr. Zak Wagner on

As we collectively respond as a country and nation to the outbreak of this infectious disease, I want to encourage both “peace” and “peace of mind”

This outbreak is indeed serious and has called into question how we go about our daily lives down to the smallest details. Things as simple as gathering for worship and sharing the peace have become a topic of debate. I am going to encourage that as a congregation we will continue to go about the business of the church even if the way we share peace looks different for some of us. At this point we will be taking a few additional precautions as we continue to gather. That being said all regularly scheduled church activities (such as worship, meals, meetings, etc.) will continue as scheduled. During this time we will likewise continue to minister to those beyond the walls of our church whether it be our home-bound and hospitalized as allowed or the ministries we serve. These people and organizations depend on the work of the church, which must continue, especially in a time of need.

This leads to “peace of mind”. As this world event continues to gain traction in the media, we must continue to find the delicate balance between fear and inaction. Therefore, I encourage all individuals to make choices that are best for them and the public, especially for those that are most vulnerable to this illness. Perhaps some specific “non-regular” events and groups may be changing or canceling meetings on an individual basis and we will do everything we can to help with the communication of any such changes to our schedules. Communication is vital as caution and knowledge, not fear, will be the basis for our decision-making.

As we engage this health crisis together, please continue to pray for the people impacted by this outbreak, either directly or indirectly, as well as for our leaders that they may be filled with the wisdom of the Spirit.

-Pr. Zak


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