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New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Pr. Zak Wagner on

"New year, new me!"

We all look ahead to, are deserving of, a clean slate. The beginning of the new year seems to provide a logical opportunity for this, hence "New Year's Resolutions". It's that great chance to put tons of undue pressure on myself to do something that I've put off for too long (perhaps with good reason). What if I told you I was resolved to read a book every month of 2020...and haven't gotten past page 1 of January's book? Or what about my plan to post on this blog every Thursday, even if this is my 1st entry of the month and the month is already winding down? Obviously I'm great at this stuff.

This year I'm already going to abandon some of my pre-2020 resolutions for one that I have carried with me every day of my life: "grace". It's not an excuse to avoid doing difficult things or improve who I am for the benefit of myself and others, but an opportunity to forgive myself when I fall short of expectations. I'm my own worst critic and the last thing I need is a critical review to start off 2020, that's why I need grace. Something beyond me that loves me just the way I am, while at the same time encourages me to reach beyond myself. If Jesus can forgive the sins of the world, certainly I can forgive myself for missing a blog entry or forgetting to read. Perhaps this year God's grace is enough for me, because I've already been made new in Christ through the waters of baptism.


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