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Adjusting to New Realities as Church

Posted by Pr. Zak Wagner on

Even as we alter our daily lives in response to the Coronavirus, we must not be distant from each other. Every inch or foot we place between ourselves and our neighbors must be filled with care and love for those in need. Please call, write, and email those we will not be making physical contact with. Check in with each other, especially those at greatest risk in this time. Remember that we are the “Church,” it is not a place, but the living and breathing body of Christ made of living and breathing bodies such as yourselves. Let’s take a moment to breathe as we make the uncomfortable changes necessary to ensure that we may live too.
After much prayerful discernment, thoughtful conversation with Council and Synod leadership and upon the recommendation of the CDC, St. Paul is going to be making the following necessary changes to our scheduled activities including:
  • Worship services will be cancelled for the remainder of March. Subscribe to this YouTube Channel as we plan to post our first ever “remote” worship event by Noon on Sunday. Remember that offerings may still be sent via mail or online at our web donation page.
  • Activities, Meetings, and Events at the church are cancelled for the month of March. Specific groups may still meet individually, please contact leaders for more information regarding a specific group or ministry.
  • Church Offices will remain open with staffing Monday-Friday (9AM-Noon). Pr. Zak will have open office hours during this time (with the exception of Friday) for anyone who would like to talk, pray, or share. If you would like to meet with Pastor outside of these times please contact him directly to set up an appointment.  
Further adjustments beyond March, if needed, will be communicated if and when they are established.
Please share this message with everyone you can to ensure we all have the most up-to-date communications.  Also, if you or anyone you know is in need of anything during this time, including but not limited to grocery deliveries, please contact the church as we are developing resources and ministries to care for each other in these disorienting times.
God's Peace,
Pr. Zak

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