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Zachary Wagner

Senior Pastor


Pastor Zak grew up on the Northwest-side of Chicago, which informed his abiding love for the Cubs. After graduating from Illinois State University (Normal, IL) with a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy he attended the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. In 2010 he earned his Masters of Divinity and was called to serve a congregation in Wilmington, IL. In the spring of 2017 he was called to serve as the Pastor at St. Paul. Pastor Zak is married to his college sweetheart, Katie, and they have 3 energetic boys; Henry, Abram, and Nolan. When he's not actively working as pastor of St. Paul he's active as “Pastor Dad”, spending time with his family playing, reading, and going to the zoo.

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Christine Yucha

Deacon of Ministry


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Judy Nuehring

Director of Youth Ministry


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Cynthia Viise

Director of Music


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Alice Ramsay

Administrative Assistant


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Kristen Rosenwinkel

Director of Children's Choirs