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Green Leafy Vegetables - What are they good for?

Posted by Jeannette Barczak on

Green Leafy Vegetables -What are they good for?

Despite the rap that romaine lettuce is getting these days, and the fact that most green leafy vegetables are at the top of the list for riskiest FDA-regulated foods,  all green leafy vegetables are great for our health.  It is said, the deeper the green, the more nutritional value.  Let's take a look at a few...

  • Collard greens - packed with Vitamin C & K and high in fiber.
  • Kale - a potent anti-oxidant and cancer-fighting properties.
  • Spinach - packed with Vitamin K & B and good for a healthy blood-pressure. 
  • Arugula - packed with Calcium.
  • Romain - great source of Vitamin C & K and Beta-carotene. 

To make sure we keep these wonderful green leafy vegetables safe, we need to remember to buy organic if possible, keep greens away from raw meats, keep cold and always wash our hands prior to handling fresh greens. 



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